Handmade Fossilstone Marble Massage Tool

Handmade Fossilstone Marble Massage Tool

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Wonderful, natural tool to reduce stress, tension and loosen sore muscles. Ultra smooth touch feeling that never hurts your skin, Simple to use and nice to hold.
Approx. size 5cm x 5 cm.

Crystal Details: Comes from the greek Marmaros, marble meaning "crystalline rock", "shining stone", "brightness or glow." The distinctive marble is characterized by the clearly evident presence of the fossilized prehistoric marine life forms of orthoceras and ammonites, which lived between the Silurian, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods (65 and 435 million years ago), and are visible throughout the marble. As the orthoceras and ammonites died, their shells accumulated in great numbers on the sea floor, where they were aligned by currents, buried by sediments, and transformed over the ages into stone by various physical and chemical processes.

Hardness:  On Mohs scale of mineral hardness - 3.5-4 (1 being softest, 10 being hardest)

Please Note:
  • Please note that colour shades vary, as they are hand-carved from different pieces of marble, so you may receive slightly different colour as on a main photo.